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Vans shoes for women at Simons

This popular Californian brand celebrates the lifestyle of those who love action sports, youth culture, and creative self-expression.

Vans Clothes & Accessories for Women

We simply love the California brand's designs. They are a true reflection of self-expression. Vans shoes are timeless and comfortable. We wear them until they tear and buy them in every colour! The Slip-on, Sk8-Hi, and Old Skool are the brand's most iconic sneakers. Everyone should have a pair! For extra style and comfort, wear them with a pair of Vans foot liners or socks.

When it come to clothes, we encourage you to wear the brand from head to toe. For example, mix a Vans t-shirt with a Vans jacket or a Vans hoodie. Or go for a bolder look with a streetwear-inspired outfit. Choose a Vans dress and wear it with a cap, sunglasses and a trendy waist pack.

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